Alley Concept Street

Created and cultivated by Eva Léandre, ALLEY brings together creatives from all disciplines: artists, curators, fashion designers, gourmet chefs, jewellers, etc. ALLEY is a microcosm of creative expression, a full aesthetic experience. 

Alley Gallery endeavours to reinvigorate the historic Montmartre neighbourhood, reconnecting it with its longstanding position as an iconic creative haven for major contemporary art production and dissemination. 

Alley Design strives to create unique atmospheres. Our philosophy is that each space has a particular history and deserves to be considered with singular and tailored design approaches. 

Street Art Alley strives to exhibit a variety of different street art styles to show a wide scope of what street art is and the myriad voices constituting it. It endeavours to mix emerging and established artists from all nationalities, backgrounds, and street art practices. It provides a series of curated legal walls and an enclosed street art gallery space in an effort to bolster creativity.


2 Rue Androuet

Healthy Fast Food

Gastronomic sandwiches on biological toast.


100% natural fruit juives : Detox, Boost, Immunité, Antioxydant and fresh juices to freely compose yourself.

Breakfast : Granola with fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, tartines du chef, hot drinks, delicious croissants and pastries.


2 bis Rue Androuet


Events Agency

Hybrid events, live or virtual involving innovative and cultural modules,  always giving center-stage to the human dimension.

Montmartre Addict gives the best tips about what to see and do around the iconic neighbourhood. Montmartre is like a village, and in that sense Montmartre Addict is essentially your well-connected neighbour who always knows the good bargains or what fun things are going on.


4 Rue Androuet

Atelier de Tatouage

Artiste tout-terrain, Mast Cora est l’un des tatoueurs les plus recherchés. Il est également très à l’aise sur toile, ou comme sprayer dont les fresques ornent plusieurs rues de la Butte. 

Juliette Laloë's jewellery is ethical in every step of its creation, from the conception down to the packaging. Juliette's hand made jewellery tells a story. Her simple but strikingly beautiful designs are inspired by a range of influences ranging from Greek pottery to the lines of Jean Cocteau or to a port town in Normandie. Shaped in brass, each pieces then in artisanally gilded in Provence.

Lefteris Dotstios's line of couture is contemporary yet much inspired by his hellenic past. He strives to enhance the present with allusions to the past while instilling new dynamism to the present. His inspiration is nurtured by art, history, travels, and cinema